The Best Auto Insurance Discounters in 2022

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The best auto insurance discounters offer several ways to save money. They provide discounts for good driving records, good student discounts, and military discounts. They also offer paperless documents to make the process easier.

Pay in Full

One of the biggest benefits of paying in full is that you'll get a discount for doing so. If you take out more than one policy at a time, this can be especially beneficial. 

This can save money on your monthly premiums and even pay for itself if you're in an accident or make an additional claim on your policy.

Expanding coverage beyond what is required by law gives drivers peace of mind when they are driving around town—and also helps them know that their vehicle has enough protection if anything goes wrong while they're out on the road!

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Paperless Documents

Once you have a paperless document, it can save you money. A paperless document does not require any physical documents to be mailed or faxed. Instead, the files are stored in the cloud and accessed via an app or website. 

This allows for faster processing time for your insurance claim as well as reduced costs for printing reports and other documents with each claim submission.

The benefits of using a paperless system include:

  • Reduced turnaround time on claims - Because there are no physical copies of your information required, they're sent directly from your computer/device straight onto their internal systems without having first had to go through any intermediary steps like being printed out by hand and then scanned into another device before being sent off again (and back again). 

This means less downtime between when someone makes their claim online and when it gets paid out!

Family Discounts

Family discounts can save you up to 20% on your car insurance premium. They are available for married couples, as well as parents who have children under the age of 25. However, these discounts do not apply if you are an unmarried partner or if you have kids over the age of 25.


If you're a veteran, active duty military member, or reservist, or if someone in your family is currently serving overseas—or even if you're a spouse of an active duty service member—you may qualify for discounts on your car insurance. 

This can be especially helpful when it comes to getting coverage at the lowest possible price.

If you have dependents who live with you and need car insurance as well as themselves, consider buying a policy from an insurer that offers multi-policy discounts (MPDs). 

These policies allow people living together to share one deductible instead of having two separate deductibles for their cars and those belonging to other members of their household. 

They also allow them to pool funds together into one savings account and invest those savings according to their needs rather than simply paying out of pocket every month without making any decisions about what investments are best suited towards meeting future financial goals like retirement planning while still being able To pay monthly expenses such as rent/mortgage payments etcetera

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Mature Drivers

Mature drivers are less likely to get into accidents. They also tend to be financially stable and have good jobs, which means they're more likely to have health insurance—a necessity when dealing with an accident or injury. 

In addition, mature drivers may be able to afford higher deductibles than younger drivers (who tend not to drive as carefully).

Mature car insurance is a great deal for those who want coverage without breaking the bank. If you're over 40 years old and already paying for car insurance from your employer or other sources, switching over from one company to another could save you hundreds of dollars each year!

Driver Education

Driver education is a discount offered by some insurance companies. It can save you money and help you avoid accidents, which is especially helpful if you're just starting.

A good driver education program will cover such topics as defensive driving, road rules and laws, traffic signs and signals, parking etiquette, and more. These courses are usually available online or at your local library or bookstore; they cost between $20-$50 per class depending on the length of time spent in the classroom (about an hour).

If you don't have time for one comprehensive course but still want to get started with drivers ed here are some tips:

  • Sign up early — there's often limited availability!

  • Look into discount programs such as AAA memberships if available where applicable in your state - these may include free/discounted membership fees for those who qualify based on age group & gender category (also known as HOV lane use).

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Driving Course

Driving courses can help you get a discount on your car insurance. If you're looking to save money on auto insurance, taking a driving course is an effective way to lower your rate.

Driving courses are offered by a variety of companies and organizations. The most common ways they're marketed include:

  • Online classes that teach students how to pass their driving test (or other similar tests)
  • In-person classes where students learn the basics of driving while getting hands-on experience behind the wheel

Anti-Theft Devices

Anti-theft devices are a great way to protect your car, but they can be tricky to install and sometimes difficult to remove. If you want to keep your vehicle safe from thieves, you must know how these systems work and how they work with other parts of your car insurance policy.

You'll need anti-theft devices if:

  • You live in a high theft area or have valuable items in the car (such as expensive electronics).

  • You're frequently parking at hotels or other public spaces where there are lots of people who might try stealing your car.

  • You own a luxury model like an Audi A8, which has more expensive parts than many other cars on the road today—and therefore is more likely than other vehicles to attract thieves looking for easy targets.[2]

Good Driver Discounts

A good driver discount is a saving that you can get on your auto insurance if you have an accident-free driving record. The longer your record, the more money you save.

To qualify for a good driver discount, all drivers must be covered by an active auto policy with at least one incident-free year before applying for it. 

This means that if there's been an accident in any year since your last claim (or none), then no matter how many years go by without another claim—even if it's years and years later—

your insurer won't be able to give away any money from this policy because they're holding onto their cash reserves until someone files a claim against them again.

If this sounds like something that would only benefit those who drive much more aggressively than most people do on average (and who don't mind taking chances), then no worries! 

There are plenty of other ways to save money on auto insurance without having to drive like some sort of daredevil out there just trying not to get into an accident every time they leave their house; namely:

Good Student Discounts

If you're a student, your auto insurance company will most likely offer a discount. The amount of the discount varies by state but can range from approximately $150 to $300 per year.

The duration of this special offer depends on how long it takes for your student status to expire. For instance, if you're enrolled in college for four years and graduate before then, then your policy should be grandfathered at least until graduation day (unless otherwise noted).

If your spouse or partner also qualifies as a student but isn't yet enrolled at school—or if they've graduated from high school but aren't currently enrolled in college—you may qualify for another level of discounted rates too! 

This could be especially helpful if both parents work full-time jobs while raising children who are still young enough not yet old enough to drive themselves around town without needing adult supervision every time they step outside their home…

The best car insurance discounts can save you hundreds

The best car insurance discounts can save you hundreds of dollars per year. While there are many different types of drivers, the most likely to have accidents are young men who live in rural areas and drive older cars with manual transmissions. If this is your situation, it may be worth getting a quote from an auto insurance company that offers a discount for drivers like you—and then combining it with other discounts to make sure that your premium is reduced even further.


There are many options and discounts out there, so it’s important to do your research before choosing a company that fits your needs. With the information above, you should be able to narrow down which insurance companies offer the best deals for yourself or your family. 

And if you’re still not sure about where to start looking, check out our other articles on how much coverage is right for each type of vehicle in the U.S. (*)

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