Car insurance and the Chatel Law

Car insurance and the chatel law. The Chatel Law was created to oblige insurers to inform their customers of the expiry date of their automobile contract by sending an information letter.

Thus, if they wish to cancel their car insurance, the insured have a certain period provided for by law to do so, and to insure their vehicle with another insurer.

What is the Chatel Law for?

The Chatel Law was put in place with the aim of informing policyholders of the rights given to them, of being able to terminate an automobile insurance contract, within a certain period of time.

As any automobile insurance contract is renewable by tacit agreement, it is automatically renewed; thus if the insured wishes to terminate his insurance, he must do so by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, two months before the expiry date of the contract.

However, policyholders do not necessarily know the expiry date of their car insurance contract; as a result, the Chatel Law obliges insurers to remind all policyholders of the expiry date of their contract.

Thus, if they wish, the policyholders will be able to make a request for termination in time, and they will be able to inquire with another insurer, for the subscription of a new automobile insurance contract.

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What are the obligations of the insurer since the Chatel Law?

The insurer must inform its insured of the expiry date of its contract, within a maximum period of 15 days before the deadline for notice; thus, the insured has 15 days to terminate his insurance within the time limits provided for by law, i.e. two months before the expiry date of the contract.

If the insurer has not respected this 15-day period, the insured then has 20 days from receipt of the information letter, to terminate his automobile insurance contract.

Finally, if the insurer has not sent the slightest information letter to its insured, the latter will be free to terminate their car insurance immediately; he may leave without giving notice.

Cancellation of the car insurance contract

When you have car insurance that you want to cancel, it is imperative to follow an approach that is standardized by law.

Here is everything you need to know to terminate your car contract and the conditions that must be met. It is possible to terminate your car contract on each anniversary date of the signature;

The car insurance certificate

The automobile insurance certificate is a mandatory document for any motor vehicle put into circulation.

It consists of several components; the insurance certificate and the sticker which must be placed on the windshield of the insured vehicle. The green card is the result of an agreement by the federation of insurers at European level and it

Auto insurance in the event of the sale of a vehicle

In the event of the sale of a vehicle, car insurance can be suspended or transferred to another car, in the event of the purchase of a new car. In fact, it depends on the choice of the subscriber of the contract. Indeed, he can sell his vehicle without buying another, or he can sell his vehicle and

The insurance contract for a used vehicle

Insuring a used vehicle is not much more complicated than insuring a new vehicle. However, it is essential that the buyer takes out an insurance contract for the used vehicle.

In addition, the insurance must take effect as soon as the buyer takes possession of the car. Therefore, it is recommended that he inform his insurer of the date

The assistance guarantee and the car contract

When subscribing to a car contract, it is not compulsory to take out the assistance guarantee.

However, the assistance guarantee can be very useful, especially in the event of a breakdown of the vehicle, in the event of a responsible or non-responsible accident, or in the event that the driver falls ill or dies suddenly. However, according to insurers and

The amicable statement

The joint report is a document that must be completed in the event of an accident. Once it is completed, the joint report must be sent quickly to the insurance company of the people involved in the accident, to allow the insurers to proceed with any compensation for the parties concerned.

What is an amicable report used for?

A finding

The collector's car, it ensures!

A collector's car is not an "ordinary" car, it does not have the same purposes for its owner, namely that it must above all please him visually and delight him when he drives it. It does not expect the same insurance contracts as everyday cars, so insurers have thought of them in

What is the deductible?

The car franchise

mobile is the amount that remains payable by you in the event of a claim. There are several kinds of deductibles, it's up to you to take them into account when you take out car insurance.

The amount of the deductible has an impact on your premium comparing the different contracts and the different insurances is then essential. (*)

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